Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel - 50ml

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Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel - 50ml

Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel 50ml In Pakistan Price : 1800/Rs – Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel 50ml Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel 50ml Free Cash On Delivery At LikeShopping.pk With Low Price.

Durex Lubes Can Ease V**Inal Dryness & Intimate Discomfort Whilst Creating A Sensual Experience For Both Of You.

How To Use:

Just Take Off The Cap, Twist The Pump To Open, Squeeze Gently And Smooth The Lube Wherever You Like. And If You Need More, Just Help Yourself.
You Can Use Durex Play™ Feel With Condoms - Just Smooth Over The Condom When It's Already On. It's Not A Contraceptive And It Doesn't Contain Spermicide. But It Is Water Soluble And Is Easily Washed Off. It's Also Non-sticky.
Durex Play™ Feel Is Suitable For V**Inal, An*L And Oral Sex. Durex Pleasure Geland Lubricants May Slow Sperm Down, So If You're Trying To Have A Baby, Talk To Your Doctor Before Use.

Hazards And Cautions:

  • Avoid Contact With Eyes. If You Experience Irritation, Stop Using This Lube. If Irritation Continues Or If Additional Lube Is Needed All The Time, See Your Doctor. Avoid Use If Pregnant Or Breast Feeding Unless Prescribed By Your Doctor.
  • Store In A Cool Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight.
  • Use Within Three Months Of Opening.
  • Whilst Safe To Consume, This Is Not A Food And Should Be Kept Safely Out Of Reach Of Children.

Elevate Intimacy With Durex Play Feel 50Ml In Pakistan - Your Oceanic Passage To Sensual Pleasure

In The Realm Of Intimacy, Where Two Souls Entwine, A Touch Of Oceanic Allure Can Elevate The Experience To New Heights. Imagine The Caress Of A Sea Breeze, The Soothing Embrace Of Sea Blue Skies Enveloping You And Your Partner. This Is The Essence Of Durex Play Feel 50Ml – A Product Crafted To Simulate The Invigorating Freshness Of The Ocean, Transforming Your Intimate Moments Into A Symphony Of Sensory Pleasure.

A Sea-inspired Sensation:

Durex Play Feel 50Ml Is More Than A Mere Lubricant; It's A Gateway To An Aquatic Fantasy. Designed To Emulate The Natural Marine Environment, It Offers An Unparalleled Sensation That Encapsulates The Allure Of The Sea. With Every Touch, Every Glide, You're Transported To A World Of Underwater Delight. This Lubricant Is Your Passport To A Journey Of Passion, Where Each Movement Is A Dance Of Waves, And Every Touch Echoes The Ebb And Flow Of The Ocean.

The Intimate Elixir:

Beyond Its Enchanting Sensory Experience, Durex Play Feel 50Ml Serves As An Intimate Elixir, Addressing V**Inal Dryness And Discomfort. Intimacy Should Be A Pleasurable Adventure, Unmarred By Physical Hindrances. This Lube Has Been Carefully Formulated To Ensure Your Comfort And Enjoyment. As It Creates A Seamless Glide Between Partners, It Cultivates A Heightened Connection, Allowing You To Explore New Realms Of Pleasure Together.

Guiding The Way: How To Use Durex Play Feel

Using Durex Play Feel Is As Effortless As A Gentle Ocean Breeze. To Unlock The Intoxicating Sensation It Offers, Follow These Steps:

Uncap The Pleasure: Begin By Removing The Cap, Revealing The Path To Your Aquatic Adventure.
Twist And Reveal: Twist The Pump To Unveil The Gateway To Your Sensory Journey.
Gentle Squeeze: With A Delicate Squeeze, Release The Elixir Onto Your Fingertips.
Embrace The Glide: Smooth The Lube Onto The Desired Areas, Allowing The Sensation To Envelop You.
Indulge In More: Should You Desire An Encore, Feel Free To Indulge In More Of This Captivating Lubricant.

This Elixir Of Pleasure Seamlessly Integrates With Condoms – Applying A Gentle, Frictionless Layer That Enhances Sensation Without Compromising Safety. Although Not A Contraceptive And Devoid Of Spermicidal Properties, Its Water-soluble Nature Ensures Easy Cleanup. Its Non-sticky Texture Adds To Its Allure, Enhancing Your Experience Without Unwanted Interruptions.

Boundless Horizons Of Pleasure:

Durex Play Feel Transcends Boundaries, Catering To Diverse Forms Of Intimacy. Whether Your Desires Take You On A V**Inal, An*L, Or Oral Journey, This Versatile Lubricant Is Your Steadfast Companion. However, It's Important To Note That While Durex Pleasure Gels And Lubricants Might Decelerate Sperm, Those Pursuing Parenthood Should Consult A Medical Professional Before Use.

Embrace With Caution: Hazards And Cautions:

As With Any Voyage, There Are Navigational Cautions To Consider. While Durex Play Feel Is Designed For Pleasure, It's Crucial To Exercise Caution:

Avoid Eye Contact: Keep The Lube Away From Your Eyes To Prevent Irritation.
Pause For Irritation: If Irritation Arises, Discontinue Use Promptly. If The Discomfort Persists, Consult A Medical Professional.
Consult During Pregnancy: Expecting Mothers And Those Breastfeeding Should Consult A Doctor Before Using The Product.
Storage Wisdom: Preserve Its Potency By Storing It In A Cool, Dry Place, Safeguarded From Direct Sunlight.
Timely Enjoyment: Utilize The Product Within Three Months Of Opening, Ensuring Its Peak Efficacy.
Childproofing: While Consumable, Durex Play Feel Is Not Food. Store It Safely Out Of Reach From Children.

A Gateway To Uncharted Pleasure:

In A World Brimming With Possibilities, Durex Play Feel 50Ml Stands As Your Gateway To Uncharted Oceans Of Pleasure. With Every Drop, It Invites You To Explore The Depths Of Intimacy, Connecting With Your Partner On A Level That Transcends The Ordinary. Unlock The Secrets Of The Sea, Unshackle The Confines Of Traditional Intimacy, And Embark On An Odyssey Of Connection And Pleasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Where to Buy Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel - 50ml?

Buy Online Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel - 50ml form LikeShopping.pk at the Best Prices · 15 Days Return Policy · Estimate Shipping Time: 3 Days · Available: in Stock / 100/Pcs · We Accept Various Payment Methods, Including EasyPaisa & JazzCash, Banks, Debit Cards, And Cash On Delivery.

Q: What is the Price of Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel - 50ml?

Most lowest price of Durex Play Feel Lubricant Gel - 50ml, Rs.1,750.00. 100% Authentic high-quality Item Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and etc. Cash On Delivery to Your Doorstep Within 2 To 3 Day's Via Courrier Service.

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