Funtime Stimulating Joy Ring - Pack of 1

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Funtime Stimulating Joy Ring - Pack Of 1
Playtime Joy Ring Blue Stimulation Cock Penis Rings Intense Feeling For Longer

Introducing The Fun Time Stimulating Joy Ring - Elevate Your Pleasure Experience! Discover The Ultimate Pleasure Accessory That's Designed To Take Your Intimate Moments To New Heights. The Fun Time Stimulating Joy Ring Is Now Available For Purchase Online In Pakistan, Promising Unrivaled Enjoyment For Couples.

Just Place It On The Base Of The Penis For A Comfortable Fit. The Ring Is Reusable And Can Be Used Up To 30 Minutes At A Time. The Silicone Ring Can Be Used With Or Without Natural Condom From Natural Latex Rubber.

Toys Are Not Just For The Ladies, Use This Ring To Help And Maintain The Pleasure.

  • Give Intense Feeling For Longer Time
  • Best Quality Product
  • Made In Uk
  • Comes In A Discrete And Private Packaging
  • 100% Genuine Product Imported From United Kingdom Uk

Product Description:

  1. Joy Ring Has Been Designed To Maximise Hardness For Longer And Intensify The Pleasure For You Both.
  2. Especially Designed To Maximise Hardness For Longer.
  3. Helps To Intensify Pleasure For Both  Super-stretchy And Soft.
  4. Note: Constriction Rings Do Not Prevent Pregnancy.
  5. Take Care If Using Sharp Objects To Open The Carton As This Could Damage The Ring.
  6. This Package Is Tamper Evident.
  7. If Package Is Damaged, Do Not Use.
  8. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.
  9. This Product Is For Adults Only.


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Frequently Asked Questions:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Where to Buy Funtime Stimulating Joy Ring - Pack of 1?

Buy Online Funtime Stimulating Joy Ring - Pack of 1 form at the Best Prices · 15 Days Return Policy · Estimate Shipping Time: 3 Days · Available: in Stock / 100/Pcs · We Accept Various Payment Methods, Including EasyPaisa & JazzCash, Banks, Debit Cards, And Cash On Delivery.

Q: What is the Price of Funtime Stimulating Joy Ring - Pack of 1?

Most lowest price of Funtime Stimulating Joy Ring - Pack of 1, Rs.1,350.00. 100% Authentic high-quality Item Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and etc. Cash On Delivery to Your Doorstep Within 2 To 3 Day's Via Courrier Service.

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