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Long Drive Spray 20Ml For Long-last Sexual Drive & Wellness For Men Increase Time

Long Drive Delay Spray Desensitises The Panis When Sprayed To The
Head And Works Within 10 Minutes Of Being Sprayed. Once Used You
Can Have S-x For Up To 5 Times Longer Than Previously. Known As
Stud Spray Due To Your Ability To Keep Going Longer And Satisfy
Your Lucky Lady, Giving Her Multiple Orgasms. Premature
Ejaculation Is A Common Condition That Affects Millions (75
Percent) Of Men At One Time Or Another. Long Drive Delay Spray Is
Recommended To Anyone Who Has Difficulty Achieving Full
Satisfaction Because Of Premature Ejaculation. Spray Twice To
Head Of P*nis, And Wait For 10 Minutes Then You Are Ready For
Action. If You Feel A Tingling Sensation After Spraying Just
Ignore This As It Will Subside Within A Minute. Alternatively You
Can Spray Onto The Palm Of Your Hand And Massage Into The Panis.
This Spray Is Odour And Taste Free So Should You Receive Oral
Love Your Partner Wont Be Able To Tell You Have It On. Shake Well
Before Use, To Be Used 10 Minutes Before Start.

Key Features Of Long Drive Spray Play Longer Bottle For Men

  1. Made With Natural Ingredients
  2. Helps Improve Sexual Performance And Stamina
  3. Increases Blood Flow To The Penis
  4. Improves Erection Quality
  5. Delays Ejaculation
  6. Easy To Use Spray Bottle

Benefits Of Long Drive Spray Play Longer Bottle For Men

  1. Longer Lasting And More Satisfying Sexual Experience
  2. Increased Confidence In The Bedroom
  3. Improved Sexual Performance And Stamina

How To Use Long Drive Spray Play Longer Bottle For Men?

Using Long Drive Spray Play Longer Bottle For Men Is Easy. Here's How To Use It:

  1. Shake The Bottle Well Before Use
  2. Apply 3-4 Sprays To The Head And Shaft Of The Penis, Or As Directed By Your Healthcare Professional
  3. Massage The Spray Into The Skin Until It Is Fully Absorbed
  4. Wait A Few Minutes For The Spray To Take Effect
  5. Enjoy Your Improved Sexual Performance And Stamina

Product Specification

Item Size: 1 Spray
Form: Spray
Grade: A Grade
Packaging Type: Bottle
Brand: Long Drive
Country Of Origin: Made In India

Long Drive Lidocaine Topical Delay Spray

  • Xylocaine Spray Is An Amazing Product For Male Impotence Which Manages Premature Ejaculation And Erectile Dysfunction.
  • It Is A Topical Dosage Form Meant For Absorption Through The Skin.
  • It Works Successfully For Attaining Complete Erection And Delaying The Ejaculation.
  • It Is Easy To Use And Carry Because Of Availability In A Compact And Attractive Pack.
  • It Contains A Therapeutic Agent Called Xyclocaine.

Composition: Each Pack Contains Lidocaine 10% W/W
Formulation: Drops & Sprays
Status: Prescription Only Drug
Dosage/Directions For Use: As Prescribed By Physician


Long Drive Spray Contains Lidocaine Which Is Used As Local Anaesthetic. It Is Used Prior To Minor Non-invasive Procedures In The Nasal Cavity, In Insertion Of Instruments And Catherters Into The Respiratory And Digestive Tract, Before Minor Dental Procedures Where Local Anaesthesia Is Desired. Long Drive Spray Also Offers An Effective Treatment For Premature Ejaculation In Men.

Side Effects:

Common Side Effects Are Irritation At Site, Feeling Nervous, Feeling Dizzy, Feeling Sleepy, Loss Of Consciousness, Sore Throat, Low Blood Pressure, Fits (Seizures), Difficulty Breathing Or Slow Breathing And Slow Heartbeat.

Ingredients Used In Long Drive Spray

Long Drive Spray Play Longer Bottle For Men Is Made With A Blend Of Natural Ingredients, Including:

L-arginine: L-arginine Is An Amino Acid That Helps Increase Blood Flow To The Penis, Improving Erection Quality And Duration.
Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba Is An Herb That Helps Improve Circulation And Blood Flow Throughout The Body, Including To The Penis.
Panax Ginseng: Panax Ginseng Is An Herb That Helps Improve Sexual Function, Reduce Stress And Anxiety, And Boost Overall Energy Levels.
Epimedium: Epimedium, Also Known As Horny Goat Weed, Is An Herb That Helps Increase Blood Flow To The Penis, Improve Sexual Function, And Boost Libido.

Side Effects Of Long Drive Spray:

Long Drive Spray Play Longer Bottle For Men Is Made With Natural Ingredients And Is Generally Safe For Use. However, Some Users May Experience Mild Side Effects, Including:

  • Skin Irritation Or Redness
  • Headache
  • Nausea

If You Experience Any Of These Side Effects, Stop Using The Product And Consult With Your Healthcare Professional.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lidocaine Spray:

It’s Common And Normal To Have Questions About Any Type Of Medication, Including Lidocaine For Premature Ejaculation. We’ve Answered A Range Of Frequently Asked Questions About Lidocaine’s Effects And Common Delay Spray Side Effects Below.

Is Lidocaine Spray Safe?
Lidocaine Is One Of The World’s Most Common, Thoroughly Tested Anesthetics. Overall, It’s A Safe And Well-tolerated Medication For The Vast Majority Of People. If You Are Allergic To Lidocaine, You Should Not Use Lidocaine Sprays To Treat Premature Ejaculation.

Before Using Lidocaine On Your Penis, It’s Important To Talk To Your Healthcare Provider. Let Them Know About Your Medical History, Any Underlying Conditions You Have Or Medications You Use Or Have Recently Used.

Does Lidocaine Spray Have Side Effects?
Used At The Recommended Dose, Side Effects From Lidocaine Spray Are Mild And Uncommon. The Majority Of Men Who Use Lidocaine Spray, Condoms With Lidocaine Or Other Products For Managing Penile Sensitivity Report No Serious Issues.

However, It’s Possible To Experience Lidocaine Spray Side Effects If You Use An Excessive Amount Of Spray. Some Of The Most Common Lidocaine Spray Side Effects Are:

  1. Temporary Loss Of Sensitivity (Which Could Cause Erectile Dysfunction)
  2. Excessive Numbness If Lidocaine Spray Is Overused
  3. Skin Irritation And/Or A Burning Sensation

Most Of The Side Effects Of Lidocaine Spray Can Be Avoided By Using A Small Amount Of Spray The First Time You Use This Medication, Then Gradually Increasing The Dose Based On Your Experience And Results.

Can You Use Lidocaine Spray If Your Partner Is Pregnant?
Lidocaine Is An Fda Category B Medication, Meaning It’s Typically Safe For Use During Pregnancy In Healthy People.

However, If Your Partner Is Pregnant, It’s Best To Talk To Your Healthcare Provider Together Before Using Lidocaine Or Similar Numbing Products, Such As Condoms For Premature Ejaculation, During Sex.

Is It Safe To Use Lidocaine Spray With Viagra® And Other Ed Drugs?
Topical Lidocaine And Viagra (Sildenafil) Do Not Interact With Each Other And Are Considered Safe To Use At The Same Time. Some Studies Have Looked At The Use Of Viagra And Topical Lidocaine In Combination As A Treatment For Pe, With No Reported Negative Effects.

However, It’s Worth Noting That Present Research Doesn’t Indicate That These Two Medications Are More Effective When Used Together — Only That They’re Both Effective (Sildenafil For Ed, As Well As Topical Lidocaine For Premature Ejaculation) When Used On Their Own.

How Long Do The Effects Of Lidocaine Spray Last?
The Effects Of Lidocaine Can Last For One To Three Hours. Most Of The Time, You’ll Feel The Numbing Effects Of Lidocaine Spray And Reduced Sensitivity During Sex For About One Hour After Applying It To Your Penis.

Should You Apply Lidocaine Spray While Erect Or Flaccid?
You Can Apply Lidocaine Spray While Your Penis Is Erect Or Flaccid. Make Sure To Apply The Spray To The Head And Shaft Of Your Penis, As These Areas Are The Most Sensitive During Foreplay And Penetrative Sex.

Is Lidocaine Spray Safe For Oral Sex?
As Long As Your Partner Doesn’t Have A Lidocaine Allergy, Lidocaine Spray Is Safe For Oral Sex. As Well As Waiting For 10 To 15 Minutes After Applying The Spray, You Should Clean Your Penis With A Wet Towel Or Take A Shower To Wash Away Any Excess Spray Before Oral Sex.

If Your Partner Accidentally Ingests Lidocaine Orally During Sexual Activity, You Should Contact The Poison Control Center In Your Area Immediately.

Can You Use Lidocaine Spray With A Lubricant?
Lidocaine Spray Is Completely Safe To Use With A Sexual Lubricant. Make Sure To Wait For 10 To 15 Minutes Before Sex To Ensure The Lidocaine Dry Spray Is Effective, And To Wash Off Any Remaining Spray Before Sexual Activity.

Can Lidocaine Spray Reduce Sensitivity For Your Partner?
Provided You Wait For 10 To 15 Minutes Before Having Sex, It’s Uncommon For Lidocaine Sprays To Have Any Effect On Your Partner’s Level Of Sensitivity During Sex.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Where to Buy Long Drive Lidocaine Topical Delay Spray?

Buy Online Long Drive Lidocaine Topical Delay Spray form LikeShopping.pk at the Best Prices · 15 Days Return Policy · Estimate Shipping Time: 3 Days · Available: in Stock / 100/Pcs · We Accept Various Payment Methods, Including EasyPaisa & JazzCash, Banks, Debit Cards, And Cash On Delivery.

Q: What is the Price of Long Drive Lidocaine Topical Delay Spray?

Most lowest price of Long Drive Lidocaine Topical Delay Spray, Rs.6,500.00. 100% Authentic high-quality Item Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and etc. Cash On Delivery to Your Doorstep Within 2 To 3 Day's Via Courrier Service.

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